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InterAmerican Gaming Inc.: IAGM.OB
(Operating Co. - SoFit Mobile Inc.)
Market Value $2.5 MM Assets I.P./ Technology
Shares Outstanding 175 MM Average Daily Volume ~25,000
Insider Ownership 85%
Public Float ~15 MM 52 week Hi/Lo $0.005/$0.03

Corporate Vision

InterAmerican Gaming Inc. (IAG) is a digital technology company that develops socially disruptive technologies. IAG builds industry defining businesses through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. IAG's first product (SoFit) is focused on the mobile health and fitness industry.

SoFit is a new social gaming platform that empowers individuals to improve their health and fitness. Products include integrated mobile applications and complementary wireless devices that fuse the on and offline worlds. Products are currently under development and are expected to launch in the summer of 2012.

Why Invest

  • SoFit Mobile was acquired by IAGM.OB to leverage the public market to create virally popular Fitness Focused Mobile/ Social Applications which in turn should reward Shareholders within the current backdrop of the mini-mania in Social Media finance;
  • The Mobile App market is set to explode in 2012 as emerging and already developed markets continue to upgrade hardware capable of mobile computing;
  • Recent research estimates the “mobile application market will reach $17.5 billion by 2012” while the Mobile Health Industry increased by a factor of 7 to reach $718mil in 2011 and is set for $1.3bil in 2012; almost a 100% jump projected in the next 12 months alone;
  • A lack of quality competing Apps makes SoFit Mobile a best-of-breed service amongst its competitors. Apps such as Nike+, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper lack the Social Networking and Live competition SoFit Mobile offers. There truly is no other App in the fitness game like it as it blends the online and offline worlds;
  • With a current Market Cap of $2.5 MM (as of April 1st, 2012) this technology is an attractive buyout target;
  • Current acquisitions and financings in the Social Media Tech space are valuing companies very richly in comparison to most other Tech industrie's Instagram, a very simple but popular technology, was recently acquired for $1 B by Facebook Inc.

Upside Wildcards

Companies in the Social Media/ Applications Industry are hitting homeruns left and right. What makes this possible? Differentiating, having competitive advantages, accessing a large user market and most importantly going Viral. SoFit Mobile (IAGM.OB) has the components required; the connected personnel, and a very unique App with a hungry and waiting user population. The idea of SoFit is new. It has never been created nor capitalized upon until now and, if it’s marketed correctly, is bound to go viral.

Three potential opportunities seen for SoFit Mobile/ IAGM.OB to go viral and start generating strong revenue growth are as follows:

  • A Large Insurance Company offers SoFit Mobile as a free add-on to an Insurance policy. This would be a win-win-win as users become healthier benefitting themselves as well as the Insurance Company. Also it would benefit SoFit Mobile/ IAGM.OB in creating publicity which could help in going viral;
  • Large Charity Marathons have dreamt of a technology and service like SoFit Mobile. A charitable race can now leverage SoFit Mobile to exponentially increase its participation rate and, more importantly, it’s donating population. For example, a local Cure for Cancer 10k may typically generate 500 runners. With SoFit Mobile, expatriates, friends of friends, and exercise junkies can now all compete LIVE in the race from ANY location;
  • A large Gym chain becoming an exclusive partner in providing SoFit mobile’s products to their members would also be a major benefactor for IAGM.OB. Much like the other marketing channels, this would provide a spring-board for viral user adoption and more importantly a third revenue channel.

IAGM.OB is not just SoFit Mobile. As the company grows its subscriber base, technology capabilities, and valuation, it intends on acquiring other exciting Mobile App companies in the Health and Fitness arena as opportunities present themselves.

At current prices Shareholders can buy an inexpensive piece of a Company with a very accomplished Management team, in a rapidly expanding industry, with a disruptive technology that is set to go viral. Most of these opportunities are typically available to the ultra rich through Silicon Valley Venture Capital Funds-- but IAGM.OB/ SoFit Mobile is publically traded for all Investors to participate alike.


Executive Management:

Marc Askenasi, President & CEO, Director, Founder - Former Founder/CEO of Function Mobile Inc. (acquired), past consulting experience for major brands and health care companies, graduate of McGill University (BA), pro soccer player

Graham Simmonds, Interim CFO See Directors for bio

Joe Mingail, VP Operations & General Manager, Co-Founder - Past experience in consumer products and computer software (mobile apps), graduate of Schulich School of Business (MBA) and McGill University (BCom)

Giancarlo De Lio, Products & Innovation, Co-Founder - Former Co-Founder/CIO of VitalHub Corp. and Manager of Innovation & Development at Mount Sinai Hospital (mobile health), graduate of Rotman School of Business (MBA) and University of Toronto (BSc)

Directors & Advisors:

Graham Simmonds, Executive Chairman - 15 years experience in public company management in the technology and gaming industries, Partner and Director of eBet Technologies Inc.

Gary Schwartz, Executive Vice Chairman Founder/CEO/President of Impact Mobile Inc., an international leader in providing end-to-end mobile marketing solutions, Chair of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) North America, Chair Emeritus of the Mobile Committee of the International Advertising Bureau (IAB), Chair of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), and author of "The Impulse Economy”

Gerry Goldberg CA, Director & Chair of Audit Committee - Partner at Schwartz, Levitsky, Feldman LLP, specializing in public company corporate finance, audit, and advisory

Henry J. Kloepper, Director - 30+ years experience in executive level investment banking and structured finance positions, JP Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, and North American trust

David Carbonaro, Advisor - Partner at Heenan Blaikie LLP specializing in corporate finance, M&A’s, and securities law

Yishay Waxman, Advisor - Senior VP of Business & Corporate at Jumptap Inc., a global leader in targeted mobile advertisements

Kate Dohring, Advisor - Celebrity/event/charity/corporate business development professional and proven public/private company fundraiser

Investor Inquiries

Tyler M. Troup, B.Comm
Toll Free: 1-866-865-2780